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[Panel 1]
A pint of your
finest foaming ale,
good mistress!

What brought
this on?

hwæt on?

Oh, right. You've been
listening to Elizabeth.

[Panel 2]

Anyway, it's
almost alive!

WHAT is?

[Panel 3]
Play-by-forum game.

I just need to decide
whether to embed a
programming language.

Why would you want to do that?

[Panel 4]
Well, really, would you like
to write "gamble 50 at a time
until I make 200" in the
orders for the month, or:

[font Courier_New.ttf]
[align left]
[size 7]
while cash < 200 do
gamble({stake = 50, cut = 4})

Do you actually want an answer, or
would you prefer to DRINK your beer?

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