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[Panel 1]
Nils, are you all right?

But I'm sending you a click
in page context. Why can't you
run your own helper function?

Oh, OK then.

[Panel 2]
Swapping… swapping… hello Elizabeth.


The full Nils is not available
right now. This is a compressed
personality core to keep vital
functions going while the rest
of him works on a particularly
tricky web site scraper.

[Panel 3]
Glad to know I'm a vital
function. What's the tricky site
that needs to be scraped?

Local council.

You need to let it do its own
JavaScripty address lookup to
get a UPRN, even if you already
know the UPRN, before it'll tell
you the bin collection dates.

[Panel 4]
Or… you could just read
it in a web browser?

This is technically true.

But then it wouldn't get
stripped automatically into
the house calendar server.

Going away now.

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