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[Panel 1]

Oh, not again.

Well, mild doom.

The Munchflux Big Box Edition
won't be shipping to the UK.

[Panel 2]
Um, Nils. The last time you played
Munchflux you said you'd rather
have your eyes carved out with a
rusty spoon than play it again.

Well, I may have
had a bad evening.

You said it would be a great
game if it reliably lasted twenty
minutes rather than sometimes
running on for two hours.

[Panel 3]
You know, that does sound like
the sort of thing I might say.

And that
everything depended
on player order.

Well, it does. But I'd
probably just lost.

[Panel 4]
And then you made a big pile of
all your Munchflux boxes and
threatened to set them on fire.

Oh, NOW I remember.

And then Jaakko calmed you
down with vodka while I took
them all away and swapped
them for better games.

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