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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
at the Games Expo

Hi, how are you

Hi, I'm Nils,
and I'm here to
show you Dragons
in the Smoke.

Each player will be a faction
from Norse mythology, fighting
in the greatest battle of all
at the end of the world.

[Panel 2]
Nils, you're not demonstrating now.

Oh. Are you SURE?

Quite sure. And anyway hasn't
Dragons been out for years?

[Panel 3]
We're still selling it, and
part 2's coming out soon.

Ooh! With the
fire giants!

And I MIGHT… have a playtest copy.

[Panel 4]
Evidence that I am civilised: I am
not hitting you on the head and
dragging you off to my gaming lair.

Do you even HAVE a
gaming lair here?

Over in the Hilton, a room the
staff don't know about because
I've been coming here longer than
any of them have worked there.

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