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[Panel 1]
I'll tell you something else
you can't take.

Empty pockets, nothing on my

Keep guessing...

um... These shoes have
steel toecaps in them.

You think maybe I ought
to wear sandals?

[Panel 2]
No, your shoes should be fine.

It's that t-shirt you've put
out for tomorrow.

You're really putting yourself
at risk if you're planning to
wear that.

What's wrong with it? I want
something to change into for the
flight home; my suit will be
getting to be a drag by then.

[Panel 3]
Haven't you noticed the drunken

Yes, the Londoners are really

If the bid had gone to Paris
then maybe I'd have had some

No, Nils, you've got it

[Panel 4]
They're drowning their sorrows.

oh no. You're right. That shirt
goes in the bin.

I might get hugged to
death for at least trying
to save us all...

It's going to be bad enough
putting up with all those
Parisians commiserating
with me tomorrow.

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