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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
In Paris...

I realise the London office
sent you, but I'm sure we can
deal with this ourselves...

Let's have the details. We
can sort out who's the hero
later. Why couldn't you patch
against this virus?

[Panel 2]
Because the software
vendor only certifies unpatched
machines. We patch, we lose our
support contracts.

And they won't help you
with a failure that's not directly
part of their software.

[Panel 3]
Not a problem. I've dealt
with this before. Unfortunately
I had to leave my toolkit behind...

...anywhere round here
I can get a few litres
of petrol and a match?

We tried that. The virus just
reversed the cooling fans. Now
we have a real "firewall".

[Panel 4]
Only one thing to do
then. Promote it to the
board of directors.

Ah, oui, where we put all the
other viruses in the company...

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