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[Panel 1]
You're still claiming
Elizabeth exists? Sure she's
not just a cover for your
Secret Book Habit?

Not only does she exist, she
says she's having trouble
finding a new place and could
she stay a few more days?

[Panel 2]
She's been sleeping here for a
week, according to you, and I
haven't even heard her let alone
seen her. In my book that's an
ideal tenant.

Why don't you see if she'd
like to live here? There ARE
three spare rooms upstairs.

I wouldn't mind, though she's
bad for my morale. You're not
supposed to go "squee" EVERY
time you watch Miyazaki. I'll
suggest it next time she's in.

[Panel 3]
Mind you, I'll still want
some rent from her, even if
it gets slipped under my door
in a plain brown envelope.

Just think of her as an elite
librarian ninja. That's more
accurate than claiming she
doesn't exist, anyway.

[Panel 4]
Now now, what's wrong with being
ontologically challenged? Some
of my best friends are
metaphysically disadvantaged.

I'm going to HAVE to get you two
in the same place. Remind me to
get some dust-sheets to keep the
furniture safe from exploding heads.

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