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[Panel 1]
I paid the taxi.

We can't just dump my stuff
here. It's really in the way.

We'll take it upstairs
in a minute.

I need a cup of coffee
before we heft that lot
any further.

[Panel 2]
What's in all these boxes
anyway? Bricks?

Well, this one's bedding, and
that suitcase is clothes... and
my camera's inside the duvet...
and that box marked Fragile is
kitchen gear.

The rest are the books
I had in the flat.

[Panel 3]
I don't really believe in you.
Nineteen boxes of books and one
suitcase of clothes?

I know it's a lot, but I only
have time to do a wash once a
week and I need clean clothes
every day. You know what they

"Books will help you through
times of no clothes better than
clothes will help you through
times of no books."

[Panel 4]
Um, Elizabeth, I think
that was dope...

Well, books will help
you through times of
no dope as well. I'm a
librarian, not a hippy.

You smoke books?

Only as part of the
preservation process.

I just get high on them.

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