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[Panel 1]
Well, Advent has started. Got
your advent calendar yet?

Bah, humbug! I've
seen pictures of the
Baby Jesus before.

The only good thing about
Christmas is an excuse to
have a braai on the beach.

[Panel 2]
I don't think Lower Aberdeen
Wharf is the ideal place
for that. But if you'd
like to come over for a
meal some time...

I've been meaning to ask you
and Jaakko over anyway.

[Panel 3]
Not before Christmas,
though - I'm off home.
Mustn't miss Joulupukki!

You mean Santa Claus? You
don't take all that stuff
seriously, do you?

[Panel 4]
Sure I do. He's real.

Oh, of course - YOU
won't have met him.

The awful thing is that I
think you may be serious...

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