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[Panel 1]
Nils, have you got any idea what
on earth's up with Elizabeth?

Haven't seen her. Sorry.

Well, exactly. She
came in just now and
went straight to her
room without even
making a cup of tea.

She must be ill! This is serious!

[Panel 2]
And this morning she wandered
into my room and asked to
borrow a plain black t-shirt.

That's not like her?

No. And she was wearing black
jeans and a black jumper, I
don't know where she got THEM.

Maybe she's in mourning for
Chaucer or something, like
she's just realised he's dead?

[Panel 3]
Or maybe she's broken up with a
boyfriend I didn't know about?

Oh. Could be, I
suppose. She did
mutter something
about someone
called Oscar.

Donner! The Oscars, Bell, the
Oscars! They were last night.

Oh hell, I'm an idiot -- Miyazaki
was up for one, wasn't he?

Yeah. Wallace and Gromit won.

[Panel 4]
Oh. Well, I suppose that's not too
bad -- they're English anyway.

They're even good
Northern lads...

I hate to break it to
you, Bell, but they're
based in Bristol.


And Elizabeth's got my
only plain black t-shirt!

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