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[Panel 1]
You still haven't done anything
about that light in the kitchen.

The one that's flickering?

Yes. It's going to drive me insane.


[Panel 2]
So when are you going to fix it?

Why me? Lightbulbs are
a hardware problem.

You're technically the
landlord, remember?

Yeah, but housekeeping
is woman's work.


[Panel 3]
# in doorway
I just changed that tube in the
kitchen that was flickering.

I knew it was
woman's work!

Mind you, it
was a shame to
do it. You realise
it was flickering
in Morse?

Let me guess... an
obscure text from
fourteen hundred?

[Panel 4]
No, actually. Last time I looked it
was in the middle of stanza
seventeen of The Rime of the
Ancient Mariner.


Oh, was that
what it was?

I made it a
modem handshake.
1200/75, I think.


I'm trapped in a house
with a pair of loonies!

# big gap
ANYONE could see it was
the rhythm track from the
Ampersand Band's last single.

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