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[Panel 1]
Hi Elizabeth -- you're in early?

I'm seeing Caz before the meeting
this evening so I thought I might
as well not bother to go home first.

Going to get some
bookshelves sorted out?

Yeah. It's about
time I got
round to it.

I'll have a pint while I wait.
You're not exactly rushed
off your feet, are you?

[Panel 2]
In fact, apart from that
old bloke in the corner....

Oh, you can see him? Most people
can't. That's our resident ghost.

Really? I've never seen one before.

So what does he do?

Sits in the corner. Drinks his pint. When we
call last orders, he goes home. Of course,
sometimes somebody sits on him...

[Panel 3]
Coo. What happens then?

He vanishes and doesn't
come back for the
rest of the evening.

Well, so would I if
someone sat on ME.

Does anybody know who he was?

He's been here longer than me.
Some of the regulars say there was
a fellow who used to sit in that
corner every evening, but he kept to
himself and nobody knew who he was...

[Panel 4]
Aren't you curious? I mean, hasn't
anyone tried to find out any more?

Steve did get that team
in from some TV thing
to see if they could
tell him anything.

"Beer and Spirits"? That
programme about haunted pubs?

That's the one. They all sound the same.

And what did they find out?

Nothing. They just got bored and fell
asleep watching him make a
pint of mild last all evening.

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