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[Panel 1]
Caz not turned up yet?

Don't think so. I've been watching
your ghost. It's interesting --
people don't seem to see
him, they just avoid him.

Yeah. Sooner or later when
the place fills up they do
sit at that table though.

Oh, here she comes now.

[Panel 2]
# Caz and Elizabeth hug each other
Caz! Good to see you. What'll you have?

You want a favour, eh? Pint
of the guest bitter, Bell --
my friend here will pay.

It's on its way.
I saw you coming.

That's my girl.

So what do you want me to
do for you, everyone's
favourite Elizabeth?

[Panel 3]

Can't I buy you a drink without it
means I want to ask for a favour?


Let me guess.

It's Elizabeth ... she's got
a new pad ... bookshelves?


And you've got a structural
engineer's report I can look at
before I start work?

Oh, come on, Caz. The books have
been in my room for weeks.

[Panel 4]
Yeah yeah yeah.
No survey, no shelves.


It's OK, Caz. I got one done.

She's in the room above Nils. He
might not mind if Elizabeth
suddenly joined him in bed, but I
didn't think he'd appreciate
three-quarters of a ton of books
arriving with her...

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