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[Panel 1]
I just sat down to eat a
civilised toastie in the kitchen,
and something that looks to me
suspiciously like an Icehouse
piece embedded itself about two
inches into my bum.

It can't have, they're only an
inch and three quarters long.

Details, details. What
was it doing on a CHAIR?

[Panel 2]
Scoring double points?

I should have warned you.
He has some filthy habits.

Ag, you're just bigotted.
Anyhow I keep the gaming
gear out of your way.

Yeah. Like the time I stood on
that metal thing on the stairs.

[Panel 3]
The fuss he made you'd've thought
I'd destroyed Middle-Earth,
not crippled myself
standing on one lousy orc.

It was a NEW orc!

It was only a bit bent.

Orcs are that way by nature.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, thanks for finding
that piece, Elizabeth. I'd
been looking for it all over.


FINDING it he says.

That does it. Minion
Hunter at ten paces,
and I'll even spot
you a Vampiric Sword.

Oh, no! You didn't tell
me you were a gamer!

You didn't ask...

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