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[Panel 1]
You think the pizza boys get
confused, you should see what
happens with Parcelfarce!

Funny thing about that...

They can't find the door to
deliver the parcel, but they
always manage to deliver a note
telling you you weren't in.

That's when he starts to mutter about
assegais. Great white hunter and all that...

[Panel 2]
I would have thought a lasso
would be more to the point.

That's from the

Me, I shout to them
through the window and
tell them I'll come down.

Anyhow, that's
another reason to go
to the cafe out front.

Only if you want to
eat like a rabbit.

[Panel 3]
Look, I'm no veggie either.
But I can always add meat
to the lentil samosas
after I get them up here.

And they let me use them
as the address for parcels.

WHICH they
won't do for
him any more.

All I asked was whether they
could do a wildebeeste steak.

Let me get this right....

I go to the cafe out front and
buy samosas, and then I can
ask them to take in my parcels?

[Panel 4]
Oh, that's not really why I go in there.

Don't let her fool
you. She has a
secret passion for
lentils and lettuce.

No. They do the best hot
chocolate in the known universe.

You never told me that!

You never asked.

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