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[Panel 1]
Ginny, can you sling me
those numbers for... oh, sorry.

No talk! Coding!

...hang on, isn't that what we
have the code monkeys for?

If Derek thinks he can
get US to write programs
he'll just give us
even MORE work to do.

[Panel 2]
AND we'd have to talk to
the web designers again.

Be fair, they're the ones who
aren't talking to us after we
thrashed them at paintball.

Well, I think the real
problem wasn't so
much that as the
indelible dye in
the paintballs.
They had to show
up on the Monday
still wearing it...

And whose idea was that, eh?

[Panel 3]
Right. What was it you wanted?

Never mind that now,
why weren't you
letting the code team
write whatever that was?

[Panel 4]
Oh, they're fine for
the software that
shifts millions of
pounds every second.

But this is for the
secretarial lottery pool.

If it fouls up, they'll NEVER
give me any more fruit tea-bags.

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