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[Panel 1]

Try it now...?

You're live.

Donner. It's the fuse then.

What's so wrong with having a
TV, again? The football's over
anyway, so we CAN'T see it by
accident and get furious...

We have a TV, we have to have a licence.

[Panel 2]
Nobody here wants to watch broadcast
telly. Just films on DVD, and old
programmes off the fileserver. But
the inspectors come round and say
"aha, that's a television, cough up".

Do you need this screw back?

So that's a hundred and twenty
pounds a year I could be
spending on beer. Er, and DVDs.

And they won't mind the
projector because...?

[Panel 3]
It just displays what's
on the computer, and
there's no TV card in
there. No aerial, no
broadcast, no fee.

But I know how to work the
TV. How am I supposed to
cope with your computer?

Easy, just use the remote.

Nils, the reason you gave for
getting rid of the TV right now was
that the remote got broken when
Elizabeth threw it at a footballer,
and it was cheaper to get a new
system than to buy a new remote.

[Panel 4]
THIS remote isn't broken.


It even has the
same login as your
account on the
house servers.

You're just trying to
make me use your
computers, aren't you?

What, me? Would I do
a thing like that?


And if YOU can't get the picture the
right way up, what chance have I got?

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