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[Panel 1]
Oh, by the way, I met the
dustmen on my way out today.

They collect the
bins on Thursday.

But today is MONDAY.

And anyway they weren't
collecting OUR bin.

Well, they wouldn't be -- they're
meant to collect them on Thursday.

[Panel 2]
I don't think you've got it,
Bell. They were collecting
everyone's bins EXCEPT ours.

They've probably decided that
our back yard is in a different
borough or something.

That wasn't why they
said they weren't.

Apparently they aren't allowed to set
foot in our yard for insurance reasons.
The bin has to be on the pavement.

[Panel 3]
And we aren't allowed to leave
the bin on the pavement because
that's causing an obstruction.

Except on the day they collect
them. Which is Thursday.

Aaaargh! I told you, they
were collecting them today!

Thursday except when it
isn't, obviously.

So how are we meant to know
which day to put the bin out?

[Panel 4]
I don't think we are. It's
meant to be a lottery.

We're meant to stay in all
week and see the dustcart
coming so we can rush out and
put the bin out for them.

Which is why he's working
on a garbage-ballista.

The real question is, should I go
for bulk delivery, one sack at a
time, or rapid-fire, tin by tin?

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