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[Panel 1]
Nils, you look WIPED.

Are you OK?

I'm fine. It just took longer than
I expected to collect enough wood.

Enough wood for what?


Nils, Guy Fawkes was two weeks ago.
Shouldn't you give it a rest?

Thirteen days.

[Panel 2]
Woman, I know you didn't
mean that sausage.

I forgave you, remember? Even if it
took two days for the horrible
memory of the taste to fade.

On the other hand, Bell
last week with the
vegeburger, that was
just taking the piss.

THIS time we're doing it RIGHT.

[Panel 3]
I was not taking the piss.

It was a

I just wanted
to find out
whether you
really could

or whether you were just making
a fuss because somebody TOLD you
it was a vegetarian sausage.

I can tell, ok?

So it's the same old excuse?
Do it over and do it right?

No such thing. Today is a day
of great national importance
to all South Africans.

[Panel 4]
Oh yeah?

On the 18th of November
thirteen years ago they
finally approved the
new constitution.

Of course I'm celebrating!

yeahright. You just want to
make things go BOOM again.

Well, that too...

Jaakko's boetie happened to
have this Poisonous Spider...

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