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[Panel 1]
Well, that's YOUR new year
resolution shot down in flames.

What on earth are
you talking about?

There are no less than three
books of yours on the
kitchen table. Only read one
book per room, wasn't it?


I'm only READING "Three on
a Fjord" by Two Of Them.

[Panel 2]
I'm supposed to believe that?

Well, of course.

"Through Darkest Teneduc
with Axe and Camisole"
by A Gentleman Explorer
is the SEQUEL, Nils.

I wouldn't be reading
it at the same time.

And "The Young Newt Hunters"?

[Panel 3]
Oh, give me a break, that's my book
for when I'm in the kitchen cupboard!

I only just found it. It's
quite rare now, you know.

If you see anything else
by Ponsonby or his
pseudonyms do let me know.

Oh, sure, I haunt the
second-hand shops looking for
Victorian ripping yarns...

[Panel 4]
Hang on, do you mean
OCTAVIUS Ponsonby?

I had all those
as a kid.

I think they're in
a box in the attic.


In the attic?


The ladder's in the kitchen cupboard.

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