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[Panel 1]
Nils, you've been
holding out on me.


In the attic!

You didn't even tell me
there WAS an attic!

How come you read Ponsonby anyway? I
thought you were only interested in
computer manuals and stuff like that?

[Panel 2]
Ag, they were Christmas
and birthday presents
from Oom Hansje.

I was the only one in
the family who read, so
he gave me the books he
had when he was a kid.

Everyone ELSE got
airguns or assegais.

A man of good taste, your uncle.

[Panel 3]
A cheapskate, you mean.

But if I'd left them
at home someone
would have used them
for bog paper.

That would be sacrilege...

It's only a couple
of boxes of books.

They don't get in anyone's way.

Not like some of the things you
introduce into this house!

[Panel 4]
YOUR New Year Resolution is in
pieces in the cheese-cage. "No
more dangerous pets", wasn't it?

Omigod, I thought Camille
would be safe in there!

Who let Beatrice in?

She probably osmosed
through the glass.

I TRIED to buy a
fluorosilicate armoured glass
cheesecage in Lakeland...

[style 8way]

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