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[Panel 1]
You know I can't help feeling there's
something missing around the house.

That would be because
she's not moving.


Elizabeth has been
down with 'flu all week.

[Panel 2]
Jislaaik! I'd better
take her some tea.

No, don't. She's really
not fit for company.

She said that when she's feeling
twice as good as she is now she'll
let us call the undertaker.

[Panel 3]
She's finally run into something
that it doesn't help to out-think.

I remember one time in
the barracks, some of
the lads came back right
after they'd eaten some
dodgy bunny chow, and
you should have seen

No I shouldn't.

At least she's got
all those books...

[Panel 4]
That's the worst of it.
She can't focus up close.

Then what does she DO?

She writes. I
think the fever
may help a bit.

I've got some of it here.
It's either the path to
world peace and prosperity
or a recipe for avocado dip.

Either way we're going to
need a lot of avocadoes.

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