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[Panel 1]
Funny how one feels
flat after Christmas.

Yeah, even if one
didn't do anything.

Well, you did...

[Panel 2]
Bah. Visiting the folks.
It's hardly important, is it?

Better than sitting about
being a seething mass of virus.

[Panel 3]
Used to be, one looked
forward to the Sales.

No point, this year.
Everything was
on sale already.

I did get some nice shelves at
Woolworth's. Once they'd sold
everything that was on them.

Why do YOU need more shelves?

[Panel 4]
Mission of mercy. Got a
cousin who's just gone up
to university and they
only gave her three feet
of bookshelf in her room.

En suite plumbing, a TV
cabinet, hot and cold running
Ethernet, but no shelf space...

Students aren't expected to read,
are they? I know I never did.

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