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[Panel 1]
It's no good. Steve won't play.

But. Mild. All gone. No more.

Only because we got Elizabeth's
madrigal circle to go along
to the pub last night.

That will NOT be
happening every week.

[Panel 2]
And Steve needs to stock the beers
that sell reliably, not just
when a bunch of loonies come in.

Especially with the way
the tax keeps going up.

Need more mild.

Then why don't you just...
oh no, I'm not going to say it.

[Panel 3]
Why aren't you going to
say he should brew his own?

That's it! Woman,
you're a genius!

Let me just order a fermenter and a
boiler and a sparging-iron and
yeast and grain and bottles and a
mill and crown-caps and hops and a
bottle tree and a hydrometer and a
couple of taps and a capper and
half a mile of plastic tubing and...

[Panel 4]
THAT'S why.

He won't need all that. He
could use the sausage-machine
for milling the grain.

Now he's going to be
taking over the kitchen
for hours at a time.

I suppose he will
be saving the tax.

Yeah right, and Steve will
lose another customer.

Only until Nils gets through his
forty pints and has to wait
for the next lot to be ready...

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