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[Panel 1]
Hey, what happened to that
mild you were brewing?

Oh. Um, well, it's
a bit embarrassing.

Come on, I'm not going to put up
with being turfed out of the
kitchen for several hours AND not
even finding out what happened.

It got drunk.

You mean you drank it?

[Panel 2]
Sort of. You were off clubbing, and

Jaakko and I were talking
about it in the pub just as
Steve was chucking out, and

Steve said he wanted
to try some, and

Jaakko said the bottles
should be ready by now, and

he went to get them, and


[Panel 3]
"At this point I must have
lost my presence of mind"?

Sounds about right. Oh god, were
you there too? I THOUGHT I could
REMEMBER what happened...

Not this time.
I stayed at home.


[Panel 4]
Well, so much for THAT. I'd
hoped I'd be able to try ONE
bottle of a good God-fearing
mild such as what you can't
get down these parts...

That's OK, I
stole one for you
when I saw what
Jaakko was up to.

Mind you, judging by the results I
wouldn't call it God-fearing so
much as "spitting in God's face and
daring him to try something".

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