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[Panel 1]
Any chance of more catering
gigs? I could use the cash.

I've been trying to get some,
but nobody's going for it.

Yeah, the only food people order in
the pub these days is sandwiches.

[Panel 2]
Too hot? Too cold? Too rainy?

Too poor to feel
like splashing out.

What about mediaeval
cucumber sandwiches?

[Panel 3]
I suppose you could
leave the crusts on...

No. No no no. That would be just
about as mediaeval as a jacket potato.

[Panel 4]
Hang on, potatoes came from
the Americas, so maybe an
American mediaeval theme...?

They were mostly eating maize. And
I am NOT going to America just to
serve cucumber sandwiches with
crusts on. Even if they'd let me in.

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