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[Panel 1]
You're in late. Everybody else has
gone off for Christmas shopping.

I'm only here because I
need to do some upgrades.

Don't do them on the
dev-model cluster
just yet, OK?

Why not? The markets are
mostly closed, and nobody's
using the servers...

[Panel 2]
That's the point.

What are you up to?

Erm... Thermal
transfer modelling.

Don't tell me you're secretly
building a bomb. I'd hate
to have to dob you in.

[Panel 3]
No, this is for
my Christmas Braai.

I don't think I
want to know this.

Jaakko found this video about
cooking with thermite...

I was right.

[Panel 4]
...and I reckon a
hot fast cook should
keep the meat moist.

Actually you might
have a point there.

Invite me along and I
won't have to report you.

Please. I was going to
invite you anyway.

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