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[Panel 1]
How on Earth?


It's a letter from my old
school. Some nižing must
have given them my address.

Anything good?

[Panel 2]
They're knocking down the
nasty old buildings and they
want money for new ones.

Going to send them any?

Fat chance. They knew they were
getting those buildings on the
cheap because they'd fall down
soon. Just like the Millennnium
Dome, only twenty years early.

[Panel 3]
Do I detect some slight
residual bitterness?

Oh, there's NO
truth to the rumour
that the architect
who set the place
up was savaged to
death by his guide
dog before he could
do it again.

Mm. Thought so.

Could have been worse. I could have
been trying to learn about computers.
No space for those nasty new "network
cable" things, and the buildings were
too solid-concrete to add any.

[Panel 4]

Now look what you've done.
You've given Nils
flashbacks to HIS school.

I'm sorry.
Perhaps I should
just visit the
place and finally
get it settled in
my mind.

Yes, that sounds like
a nice sensible...

It's going to be overcast for the next
few nights and I can borrow Caz's
spare petrol can. D'you mind if I use
some of your black clubbing clothes?

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