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[Panel 1]

I don't like the sound of that.

No, it's all right. Just
get Bell to give me a
call when she's next off
shift, would you?

Only if you tell me what it's about.

[Panel 2]
A wedding.

A wedding that wants food.

Mediaeval food.

Cooked by people who
know what they're doing...

[Panel 3]
Ah. Oink, flap, the
economic recovery.

HOW long have you been
waiting to use that line?

About a year.

Ginny, see if these people
want some fireworks too, eh?

[Panel 4]
I'm not sure
they'll be able
to afford both...

Package deal, then.
They pay you at our
discount pyro rate,
you pay us half in
cash and half in
scorched pig

Leftovers? What sort of
cook do you think I am?

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