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[Panel 1]
...and that's why our way is the
One True Path to salvation.

So basically you're
expecting me to see
the light and
praise God now?

Well, er... yes?

[Panel 2]
You're so desperate for people that
you'll take someone who's prepared
to change his entire way of life
after a two minute sales pitch?

Who ARE you, the Catholics?

No, no, you have to join
us before the Millennium!

[Panel 3]
Haven't we had that already?

I mean, read the shirt...

But we have
the Truth!

But you told me there's a limit on
the people who can get into heaven.

[Panel 4]
So if I join up now I'm kicking out
some other poor bastard who might
deserve it more than me but you
just haven't got round to him yet.

Oh, I see! Very
clever, if I try to
sign up now I don't
deserve it and you
turn me down!

Great job lads, see
you next time round...

Erm, is there anyone
else we could talk to?

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