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[Panel 1]
Hullo. Are you satisfied with
your current God supplier?

I'm sorry, what?

If you switch now, you can
benefit from fixed rates
for the first three months.

I think we already...

[Panel 2]
All right, I can see you're a canny
customer. I shouldn't be doing
this, but I can get you a special
deal where you don't even have to
go to church except once a month.

Doesn't that sort
of take the point
away from the
whole business?

Look, just show me your last
God bill, and I'm sure I'll be
able to point out savings you
could make by switching to us.

[Panel 3]
I'm fairly sure we have
all the gods we need.

...could I speak to the
man of the house?

Why? Aren't women worth saving?

Um well, Eve, um...

[Panel 4]
It was all Adam's fault, you
know. Put the blame on anyone
who couldn't get out of
the way fast enough.

But but serpent
temptation but...

Just a minute, then.

Nils! Salesmen! Got 'em
softened up for you!

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