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[Panel 1]
That's just not right, Bell.

Feeding me goose and
saying it was chicken.

After the Gluten Mock
Duck, I knew you'd only
make a fuss about it.

That's not the same. Gluten
Mock Duck isn't an animal.

Goose, though, that's
another one to tick off my
list of animals I've eaten.

[Panel 2]
Thinking about animals... why
were you so edgy about the
mice? You've met them before.

This was the first time
they weren't moving.

And I've WASHED with that soap.

Anyway, Camille saw them off.

[Panel 3]
I think you ought to
put that cheese out of
its misery and eat it.

What? Camille and Beatrice
are practically family now!

So are they paying rent?

Well, I give them a reduced
rate 'cos they don't
take up much space...

[Panel 4]
HOW are they paying rent?

Bell, that is one of those
questions you just don't ask.

Why not?

Because if they told me
where the money came from,
I'd have to know the answer.

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