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[Panel 1]
Where d'you think Bell got that
chicken? It was a bit greasy.

I don't know, but if she can get
any more I've got a swan recipe
I've been wanting to try out.

Jaakko said his mate in Wycombe
can probably get a swan...

[Panel 2]
I can do without being banged
up for treason, thank YOU.
We've had that discussion.

I have a dream... a dream
of having eaten one of
every animal in the world.

Is that so much to ask?

Why not start with some
of the easier ones? Like

[Panel 3]
[size 14]

Well, I was
going to suggest...

[size 10]
In the bathroom!

What are they doing?

Eating the soap.

[Panel 4]
That's IT, Nils.
Either they go or I do.

Oh, all right then.

Sic 'em, Camille!

[style 8way]

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