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[Panel 1]
Right then, who's off
to clean up Stratford?

That'll take YEARS! They've
put up whole horrid buildings
that'll need to come down...

Only from the riots, Nils,
not from the Olympics.

Oh. That's all right then.

[Panel 2]
I suppose.

Feeling a bit hard done by?

They've been looting
shops and stuff.

...true, and?

[Panel 3]
Why couldn't they smash
up some bank offices?

Then I wouldn't have
to go in tomorrow.

AND we could use all that
nice disaster recovery kit
I specced up last year.

I could go in and throw
some clogs into the machines,
if that would help?

[Panel 4]
Are you two going to sit around
plotting sabotage all afternoon,
or are you going to come
and do something useful?

Oh, all right then.

Beats plotting genocide for
tomorrow night's game.

Hoi, none of that talk,
there are still edgy
coppers all over the place...

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