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[Panel 1]
Elizabeth, what are you...
oh, no, not more filming?

'Fraid so.

We all got turfed out again
just before lunchtime.

[Panel 2]
Except the students. It's amazing
what they'll do for a square meal.

No, Elizabeth.
Trust me.
It really isn't.

Anyway, apparently it's meant to be
all terribly dramatic and explodey.

[Panel 3]
Did someone say explodey?

Oh, come on, this
is getting SILLY!

It's two o'clock on
a Thursday afternoon.

Why aren't you at work?

[Panel 4]
I am.

I'm logged in,
and my ID
badge says I'm
in the office.

So you're working from the
pub. One of these days I am
going to have to kill you.

Oh, come on. It's only
what I do every day!

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