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[Panel 1]
Good trip?

Yes. It was my first
nephew's christening.

So why did you have to take
a week off work? Surely the
party wasn't THAT good?

Well, we had to take a present.
One of my cousins found something
suitable at an auction in the
Netherlands, but we had to
drive it back to Finland.

[Panel 2]
What SORT of something?

An agricultural vehicle.


Well, it would be good at
digging ditches, very suddenly...

Anyway, on most of the motorways
heavy vehicles are not allowed
to overtake, so we were plodding
along with the lorries.

[Panel 3]
I suppose it stops the
elephant-racing and
makes the roads safer...

Oh, yes, very safe.
Especially when you
get stuck behind a
big square Volvo
doing forty K to the

I think they usually
go faster than that...

[Panel 4]
Being Swiss, even more than usually
safety-conscious, let's say.

At that speed, I think his parents
must have got it as far as Germany and
he was taking it the rest of the way.

No fun. Especially when
you've got a new toy and
want to open it up a bit.

I took the train back. There
are no Volvos on the train.


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