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[Panel 1]
The lights aren't working in my
room. Oh, and happy Christmas.

Donner it!

Wouldn't blitz-ing it
be more appropriate?

No, you don't understand. You
haven't looked at the fuseboard.

Basically the bloke who
sold me this place was
an enthusiastic DIYer...

[Panel 2]
o god

A little... individualistic, is it?

I got Caz' bloke in to
check, and he said as long
as it's working it's fine...

But now that it's stopped, it's
going to be rewiring time.

[Panel 3]
Oh. I'll have to move
ALL the books out...

Maybe not too far. If I can
get Jaz for a week, we can
do it one floor at a time.

So we put your and Bell's
stuff in the big room...

We'll still need to box
everything up and find
somewhere else to sleep.

[Panel 4]
I'll pack a suitcase
and see if Robin's
got some space.

And I can probably
find somewhere to
camp in the back
bits of the library.

But the poor books!
They'll get all lonely.

Oh all right, I'll let you
put ONE box in my room...

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