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[Panel 1]
OK, try it now.

[style octagon]
[size 20]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]

Sorry, Jaz, it's
still shorting.

Right, we'll need to
strip the whole lot and
pull through new wire.

[Panel 2]
Oh well. That's what
we thought, really.

Ring main? More of
a Christmas tree.

I don't know how
this EVER worked.

Luck, faith, and
great big fuses.

[Panel 3]
And junction boxes.
Lots of junction boxes.


The bloke who wired
it up liked them?

Lots of short bits of wire are
cheaper than a few long bits?

Good thing we started early.
Should all be done by dark.

[Panel 4]
Oh yeah, that reminds
me, happy new year.

And thanks for coming
over and sorting
stuff when it's being
all Christmas Season
out there.

That's OK, Caz and I'll get
slaughtered tonight with
the money you're paying me.

I'm going to need to,
after seeing this lot!

I've never seen an electrician
make a fright check before...

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