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[Panel 1]
Are you STILL doing
that jigsaw, Bell?

It's been weeks!

I got given it for Christmas

Better hurry up, then. I need the
table on Thursday night for gaming.

[Panel 2]
You'll have to help
me get it done, then.

Hang on, when did this
become MY problem?

Start with the sky.

You're on that side and it's just
as easy to do the sky upside down.

[Panel 3]
[style rect]
Three hours later

I'm seeing dots.

Yes, those
are the little
flowers between
the big ones.

No, I mean on my hands.
And on the table.

You can't stop now!
We've nearly done it!

[Panel 4]
I thought solving other people's
puzzles wasn't your thing.

True, it's not as
much fun as
writing a program
to do it would be.

It'll be something we've actually DONE with
our hands and not on a bloody computer. And
DON'T tell me there's software for it.

'Course not. I like my
spleen where it is.

Got any bits of middle-
distance green over there?

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