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[Panel 1]
Beer and more beer, please.

What's up? Book escape?

DON'T joke about that.

But no, just the admin
offices closed all day
because of an "incident".

[Panel 2]
Contagious boredom?

Paperwork explosion?

No, turned out someone
broke in overnight.

And the police took a while
to check the place over.

[Panel 3]
But... WHY?

I mean, what's the POINT?

Personal data?

Far as we can tell, all
they did was empty the
petty cash and scarper.

[Panel 4]
Well, I suppose if they were
smart they wouldn't be burglars...

Can't you get better
locks or something?

Hah! I can beat THAT if they come
back. Once everyone had left I
turned the Pseudomonarchia
grimoire loose in the corridors.

I'll check for toads
in the morning...

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