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[Panel 1]
Just as well you don't do food, Steve.

Never seen the need.

Because if you did and you did
chips with things, you'd sell
just chips without the things.

'Course I would. Why not?

[Panel 2]
In the Olympic Park for a while
the only way you could buy
chips on their own was going to
be from MacDonalds. But fish
and chips was all right.

You're joking?!

Because they sponsored the games.

It was OK in the end because
they don't do chips anyway,
they do French fries. Or
Freedom fries, I suppose.

[Panel 3]
I don't see the
point of MacDonalds.

I don't see
the point of
the Olympics.

What? Bell, that's...

No, well. So people can
swim short distances in
unfeasibly short times.

[Panel 4]
I would have
thought "good for
them", meself.


When's the last time you saw
someone swimming for a bus?

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