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[Panel 1]
Well that was that then.

No explosions and nobody
drownded (though I had
hopes for the swimming).

Now all that's left
is paying for it.

[Panel 2]
Cheer up, after twelve years
Sydney's almost not bankrupt.

And I'll be able to get into
work by the normal route again...

For a week or so, anyway.
Then it all starts again
for the Paralympics.

At least all the international
meeja have gone home.

[Panel 3]
And have you been into
central London lately?
It's empty. No tourists!

Good thing we do not rely on
them for our revenue, really.

It's all right for you - we've
had to keep living here. Where
have you BEEN the last few weeks?

[Panel 4]
Where did you THINK I would be
for the biggest sporting event
ever to hit London? Cycling across
Denmark and Sweden, of course.

Ah, so THAT'S why you haven't
been getting copped for
riding in the Games Lanes...

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