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[Panel 1]
All right, Elizabeth,
you know things.

Several things.

What's all this Mayan end
of the world stuff, then?

[Panel 2]
Dodgy interpretation of
the Mesoamerican
calendar, which the new
agers noticed in the
seventies and glommed onto
because it was far enough
in the future that they
could sell their books
and retire before anyone
noticed nothing
was happening.


It means about as much as
having to buy a new calendar
at the end of December.

[Panel 3]
Well THAT's no fun.

If you ignore the new agers, the
Mayans associated it with the
rise of Bolon Yokte' K'uh, who's
probably a god. But that name
only shows up on one monument,
so nobody can really say whether
he's a good or a bad thing.

[Panel 4]
That's a bit more promising! What
about the rogue planet thingy?
Earthquakes and tidal waves and
all the good special effects?

Oh, THOSE guys. They said 2003
originally. Then when they
were still alive later they
jumped aboard the 2012 thing.

Do you suppose they were
terribly disappointed when
they woke up and it was 2004?

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