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[Panel 1]
Oh, hi, Nils... when does the
end of the world happen, again?

The twenty-first.

Oh. But that was last Friday.

Yeah. It didn't come off.

Not that anyone really
expected it to...

We just hoped a bit.

I suppose. But a bunch of Mayan
gods or marauding robots would
have made things a lot simpler.

[Panel 2]
Funny word to pick.
Shorter, maybe.
Crunchier, briefly.

No, I mean nobody would
have to make any choices
or admit to anything.

Bell... you're beginning to worry
me. Wandering about like three wet
bank holidays in a row. What is it?

I just feel like a complete fool.

[Panel 3]
Oh, something to do
with Robin then?


Well, yes.

Sort of.

That's not it.

It's Elizabeth.

Good lord, what's SHE done?

Nothing! It's what I'VE done.

[Panel 4]
Woman, talk straight
or I may have to use
you as a killer robot
practice dummy.

I always told
Elizabeth I'd
never buy a
lottery ticket.

And then Robin went on and on
about how pointless they were,
so I bought one just to annoy him.

And now it's won.


What am I going to tell
him? And Elizabeth?

I was hoping to be eaten by a
god or something and not have to.

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