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[Panel 1]
What do you MEAN,
you've won the lottery?

I'm not sure there are any
smaller words I can use.

Would larger ones help?

But Robin said HE'D won it.

[Panel 2]
What, him? Buy a ticket?
Fat chance. I only DID
it to annoy HIM...


I used my birthday and
his for the numbers.

So if he saw them come
up on the telly...


[Panel 3]
Nils, I need to borrow
your axe thingy.

Oh no you don't. That's
a family heirloom, I'm not
having the bloody boeres
putting it into evidence.

OR you losing it off a bridge.

Men. What would YOU know about it?

[Panel 4]
Nils, I think you'd better
go out for a while.

What would
YOU know
about it

I've already called
in Caz and Ginny.

And Ginny's vat of
home-made raspberry vodka.

I'm going! I'm going!

It isn't going to be SAFE here.

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