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[Panel 1]
Damn! Another segfault.
Try again...

Nils, stop that a minute.
Have you seen Bell recently?

Yeah, she just went
past with some coffee.

Good. She hasn't been eating much
but at least she's getting fluids.

I'm beginning to think we're
going to have to sit her down
and Talk to her about this.

[Panel 2]
About what?

For Heaven's sake, Nils, don't
you EVER notice anything?

Bell is going into a decline,
and all you think about is
buying in crates of booze!

I DO think about other people.

The booze is to make it hurt
less come the Robot Revolution.
For all of us, obviously.

[Panel 3]
I think Robin must
have chucked her.

So ask her, why not?

Because if he hasn't
she's going to think
I know something.

Men! You're just no good
at this sort of stuff.

Judging by the way you're
dithering, nor are you.

I never claimed to be.

[Panel 4]
But wouldn't it be just like him
to chuck her over when he won the
lottery, just so's not to share it!

It won't matter for much longer.

The robots won't care
about the lottery.

Nils, honestly! Anyone would
think you were looking forward
to the robots taking over!

Why d'you think
I'm trying to
get them started?

First it'll be the
vacuum cleaners...

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