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[Panel 1]
Well, now that things
are back to normal...

Grr. Users.

Grr. Computers.

[Elizabeth] I say, back to normal,
what WAS all that business
about the lottery?

[Panel 2]

I was hoping you'd have
forgotten about that.

Well, yes, I seem to
be a woman of means.

Going to buy the
pub off Steve then?

And be Steve's boss? No thank you!

[Panel 3]
But I was thinking, I could afford
to buy the mortgage on this place.

Hah. Now she wants to drive
me out of my own home...

Erm, Nils, I don't
think that's QUITE

Nils, HUSH.


[Panel 4]
Now answer sensibly.

Might not be a bad idea, actually.

Property values are
all over the place
and MegaGloboBank can
hike the interest
rates whenever they
feel like it.

Bell, how do you DO that?

Not telling.

Some day I might
need to do it to you.

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