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# in the pub
[Panel 1]
But a boiling water setup runs
at half the system pressure,
and it doesn't irradiate the
pressure vessel as much. And you
can solve the control problems
with any old computer these days.

Does the word "Chernobyl"
mean nothing to you? Anyway,
pressurised water can work
with a smaller pressure
vessel, AND you can insert the
control rods from ABOVE...

[Panel 2]
Hullo you two! What
are you plotting?



Yes, that's it. New
ways of making... tea.

[Panel 3]
Oh good. Our kettle's getting
a bit old and unhappy.

Well, this should
certainly be
a lot faster.

And it'll save on
electricity bills too.

I don't think they'll let us do a
feed-in tariff on a... kettle.

[Panel 4]
That's all right, we just claim it's solar.

I think they might notice we
didn't have, um, six hectares
of solar panels on the roof.


I'd rather have my tea without any
extra neutrons, if you don't mind.

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