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[Panel 1]
Nils, have you broken
the Internet again?

It's upgrade season.

Be done in a bit.


Why should a hardware fault show
up when I upgrade the software?
It's like some sort of weird
progressive thermal creep.

[Panel 2]
What's he on about?

I have no idea, Bell. You know
how he goes off on one sometimes.

Meanwhile we don't get to use
the phones or the television...

I could always lend you a book.

[Panel 3]
Not today, thanks.

A weird progressive thermal creep
sounds like your old landlord.

Phil was certainly a weird
creep, and the sweating was
obviously thermal, but progressive?
Never in a hundred years.

[Panel 4]
OK then, weird
thermal creep.

THAT wouldn't work, it would be
anti-entropy, and impossib...

Hang on, I think you
may have got it.

Thanks, Bell!

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