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[Panel 1]
Apparently we've got
local Freemasons.

Are they going to tear out your
tongue by the roots for telling me?

I doubt it. They put up a
flyer in the cafe downstairs.

[Panel 2]

"Find out who we are and what
we do." All about charitable
works, none of the good stuff.

Come on, they could hardly
say "join the world's
oldest conspiracy".

[Panel 3]
Isn't that the Illuminati?

Same thing, if you go far
enough down the rabbit hole.

Or at least the masons
would like you to think so.

If you listened to Uncle
Robert, Masons built the
Pyramids, and the Parthenon,
and the Sam Smith's brewery...

[Panel 4]
So shall we go along
and laugh at them?

What d'you me, "we"?
They won't want to
talk to us two.

What, even now?
Why on earth not?

I think it must be the
unfortunate female habit of
being unable to prevent oneself
from giggling at the ridiculous...

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